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A-Ronne II

A-Ronne II



6.6. THU 8:00 ORANGERY  |  MUSIKTHEATER  |  Luciano Berio’s “A-Ronne” is probably one of the wittiest and humorous vocal compositions in music history.


Five voices superimposed in the manner of a madrigal comment, interrupt each other and conduct a comical and grotesque dispute in which the meaning of the sounds produced is eroded and undermined by the accompanying emotions and gestures. Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski’s staged interpretation of this work was selected as the best performance of the year in Brussels and has since toured extensively through France and Belgium. Magnificent Renaissance costumes provide a visualisation of Berio’s musical links with the madrigal. The five protagonists utilise the entire spectrum of dramatic emotions and means of expression in their discussion of profound topics which descends irrevocably into absurdity. The German daily newspaper FAZ described the as yet only performance of this work in Germany as a “highly entertaining aural treat”.

Lucilia Caesar:
Dominique Grosjean
Sophia Leboutte
Pietro Pizzuti
Annette Sachs
Gaëtan Wenders

Staging Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski

Text Edoardo Sanguineti

Production by Lucilia Caesar & Les Brigittines, supported by Ministère de la Communauté francaise, service du Théâtre (France)

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LUCIANO BERIO: A-RONNE II - Orangerie Herrenhausen
Datum: 06.06.2013
Uhrzeit: 20:00 bis 20:45
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PC 3 15,- / red. 10,- €

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